Amazing States of Being

Recently I read a fun article on unusual mental and feeling “states” but realized there were so many more. Here are twelve additional ones, followed by a more serious reflection on that state of mind we are each looking for: peace of mind (or contentment).


Have you ever wished that you could go back in time and tell your past self about the future? This is enouement. De-nouement  is when you recall how your younger self fretted over something, and you want to go back and keep that younger self from making only  HUGE mistakes. This is like having a seasoned coach for High School who actually has answers. Like he has sized you up and realizes (you realize) that you were actually 6’2” and strong by your junior year and John Jagger’s growth had arrested at 5’9” and while he still had a forehead like a T-Rex he weighted all but about 85 lbs and you could snap his neck like a twig…so just go easy and give the little Cro-magnon a light, calm… thump…

And that girl? Oh do not fall for her. No way.

Tréjà vu 

This is the feeling that you’ve been someplace before and  are repeating an event that you already remembered but also repeated again the previous Tuesday at 3 p.m. or 3 a.m. Also known as the “Wimpy Effect” experts suppose it to be a forward time-loop projection actually caused by anxiety concerning the following Tuesday and what has been promised.  Example: “I will gladly pay you Tuesay for a hamburger today” may result in the experience of Tréjà vu wherein one experiences eating hamburgers both at that moment and the remembrance of eating hamburgers from a week earlier on Tuesday. Closely related to condimentism.

“Quadra Vu” is the queasy feeling you can get at a tractor pull event like “haven’t I already experienced this four times?” You have – but on four actual separate occasions.


This is the term given to a diverted sense of sadness one would have experienced about future unlived moments due to mortality but which are avoided due to a diversionary “loop.” Known by other terms as the “Hey look at that shiny object” or a”What’s on the Tele?” phenomen, the solipcistic element is able to swiftly bend the subject’s mind away from possible reality and back to it’s “happy loop” proving once again the old adage “too much reality is not what the people want.”   .


Mobile Re-Chrysalism 

Have you ever had a sense of warmth, peace, and tranquility when you are warm and dry inside the house during an intense rainstorm? This experience could be likened to feeling like you are back in the womb, and so has been labeled “Chrysalism.” Mobile Re-Chrysalism is the rage with portable pop-out  tent structures now available to take that “womb-with-you” on the go. Need a break at work – a real one? Pop open that porta-womb and crawl inside for some maximum MRC and get all toasty warm for ten minutes.

Kairosis is often associated with serving others or minimizing personal ego, people who experience this report a high sense of personal meaning and  direction in life.



This is a powerful feeling of sudden god-like majesty that comes from self-consciousness mixed with physical and sexual prowess. Originally a Greek, idea it was this, and not dualistic logic at all that accounts for Greek thought’s advance and acceptance – sheer widespread Adonitis and Aphroditism. Related to Narcissim, it requires no pool and usually doesn’t end as badly – just sadly.  .



Liberosis is the feeling you get when you wish you could be a child again, without cares and concerns. Early onset is marked by the purchase of massive Lego sets, the building of tree forts in the yard (and sleeping in them instead of the house) and commuting to work on a stingray with a banana seat. In women, it can result in tea set time at the office desk (with no real tea or bisquits) or the acquiring of unlimited cats.



The feeling of shifting from normal chronos time (simple chronological time) to kairos time (appointed/meaningful time). Kairosis is often associated with serving others or minimizing personal ego, people who experience this report a high sense of personal meaning and  direction in life. May result in dislocation of societal fictions. Often closely associated with debunking. See Aha-isms.



This is the name given to the intense feeling of having one’s life invaded by an overridssing sense of “Oprah Winfrey.”  Oprah apps, Oprah TV, Oprah Audible book club, Oprah at the checkstand…one begins to dream in Oprah with multiple skinny and weightier Oprah’s appearing to lecture one on life’s every facet. Related to DrPhilistinism, detoxification from Oprahia is often achieved via a deprivation tank, a Zen Center or a monastery




This is a hypothetical conversation that you play out over and over in your head.with you and your opponant mounted on flying ostiches in a mythical “joust.” Back and forth goes the argument in your head with points scored back and forth until you finally prevail. When your ostrich wins you are ready to go and have the real conversation which may, or may not, go as well.



A sense of loss and utter frustration when you realize that you are talking about an important subject (the San Francisco Giants) but others or incapable of relating or understanding the importance of the Giants. Worse, you are caught in a group of L.A. Dodger fans resulting in a Gigantavantis panic attack.


Fugue state 

A psychological condition in which the individual goes through three successive movements starting with a subject, then an upbeat or manic state, followed by a reconciling return to the initial questions. Joseph Kerman, in The Art of the Fugue wrote that for J.S. Bach, “Fuges were a natural language.” meaning Bach was likely in a continual Fugue state, even while creating the Goldberg Variations.  Explains a lot.



A state where a woman, considering male partnership feel an overwhelming sense of  “peddling a bike underwater”. Named after activist/feminist Irene Dunn and her famous statement “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” the other aspect women report is the fear of being “pursued like the catch of the day, being reeled in, and hit on the head.” Many women have reported staying away from dating sites like “Plenty of Fish” just for the name association alone.

Questions Can Lead to Answers

In all seriousness, when we speak of various “states of being,” whether emotional, mental or spiritual (or any combination thereof) we are most often describing a lack, dysfunction, or an alternative to harmony. It makes you wonder – is the Dalai Lama the only person walking around content while the rest of us suffer from a variety of maladies?

I think awareness of the true issues is always going to help. if I know that peace of mind, healthy relationships and a sense of true purpose are at the core of my being then at least I can stop struggling with what the questions are.

At least that is what my ‘older self” would say to my current self if he could come back now and tell me what to do. This is actually a thing I am calling “Re-nouement” where my current self goes into the future and has a latte with my future self, then comes back to tell me what the two of them think I should do now.

Try it…it really works.



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