Do we really need another organization vying for attention?

Do we need another website attempting to justify its own existence in a complex world while we try to work out our lives?

Probably not.

But as each of us is concerned with the primary question of human meaning – the meaning of our lives – and it is not something openly discussed in proactive and healthy ways in our culture,  we present this online magazine – free of charge – with no hooks no direct selling or marketing to you the readers. One of the main messages is that you are not Consumers, and your lives are not primarily utilitarian in nature or scope.

The onus is on us to demonstrate our approach by practicing what we present.

It is our assertion that life is meaningful and human beings important – all human beings equally.

The articles, artwork. questions we raise and explorations we undertake are all motivated by the simple goal of contributing to the common good. This is a part of our living meaningful lives, which we feel engenders us to engage in meaningful questions, real connection in relationships, and deep commitments to the common good of men and women.